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About us

Employees and expertise

We have around 30 own employees and acquire extra manpower when needed.

We have our own engineers, mechanics, plate workers, welders, ship plumbers, carpenters, surface finishers etc.

Our Facility

The shipyard is built around a dock of the type "Syncrolift". The lifting capacity is 1000 tons. It can handle vessels up to 75 meters.

We have two beds for erecting docked boats on land.

We also have two ship halls:
The largest is 65 meters long and 25 meters below the crane hooks.

We also have around 200 meters of quay length for quay based operations.


 We at Solund Verft specialize in several fields within the shipyard trade.

We place a strong emphasis on the shipyard industry and therefore, we are a strong competitor to both domestic and foreign operators.

Inland, virtually all shipyards apply between Stavanger and Ålesund. Traditionally most with Blaalid Måløy (No Stadyard).

When it comes to foreign competitors, we talk mainly about Denmark and the Baltic countries.

Market Situation

Today's market situation:

Repair, remodeling, maintenance and various classifications.


Main focus area:

Equipment of new construction

Our niches

Historically, we have had in 30% ferries for maintenance and newbuildings.

Other typical projects are:

Fishing Vessels
Coastal shipping vessels
Work boats
Various special vessels

The customer diversity is varied and annually we dock over 100 constructions.


Firda Sjøfarmer
Marine Harvest
Artic Shipping
Wergeland Group
Private customers in connection with our boat hotel

In addition to assignments at our facility, we have a number of assignments outside the yard - we have the opportunity to set up where the customer may need us


Solund Verft AS
Krakhellevegen 355
6924 Hardbakke

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Contact info

Org. number

985 882 053

A part of Wergeland Group

 Wergeland Group meets the future with the main goal to make their customers more competitive. Wergeland Group can present five deep water quays, located in Gulen Industrial Harbour, in the vicinity of Mongstad.

Wergeland Group's business:

Base activities
Environmental services
Freight boats
Cable ferries
Vacant industrial area

We provide KNOWLEDGE

Our employees are our finest resource. Together, the Wergeland Group and our employees are constantly working to develop and improve. Our aim is to be top class within our core businesses.


The Wergeland Group's main goal is to deliver complete solutions to suit each individual customer's needs.